It’s Time To Check Up On Your Insurance Policy

It is quite common today for people to just set it and forget it with so many financial liabilities. This can prove worthwhile when you finalize a savings plan where you want the funds to be transferred automatically from your checking account to your savings account. Unfortunately, this strategy may work against you in the case of insurance. Just because you have purchased insurance a year back doesn’t mean that you are fully covered and insured. Many changes may take place in your life in a year. Therefore, annually reviewing the coverage and insurance plan is of utmost importance to ensure that you are fully covered. Whether you have a life insurance plan, health insures or Personal Accident Insurance policy, and it is necessary to give an annual check-up to all your policies for different reasons. It will save a lot of many and also you will remain tension free throughout. The following reasons will assist you in better understanding of insurance policy:

Life Events

The health insurance, life insurance, or personal accident plans could be affected, or it may need a few adjustments to cover the additional things that can occur in one year. This is the reason why you may timely give your insurance policies a checkup. Many new instances may happen in one year, like buying a new car, you might have got married, moved to a new house, or purchased new assets that may need extra insurance. It would be best if you made the insurer aware of all the extra instances in one year so that coverage can opt for such extra things.

Understanding your Coverage

Giving your insurance a regular checkup will help you to understand your coverage better. When you will review your insurance next time, ensure that you understand the coverage limits well.

  • Liability limits in your home, auto, renters, personal liability policies
  • Home replacement value
  • Renter’s insurance covers
  • Medical payouts coverage
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Deductibles

You must discuss with the insurer to know if damages caused by natural calamities are covered. Also, ask the agent if identify theft coverage is available along with a backup of sewer and water. You need to ensure that no gaps are there in liability protection. During your review, you also need to ensure that your accident policy provides sufficient coverage and protection ad financial security when you need it the most.


An annual review of the insurance will help you know if you are eligible for any premium discounts. Ensure that you receive all the discounts for which you are eligible, like multiple insurance discounts, discounts for central station burglar and fire alarm, and bonuses for claim-free years. Some insurance companies also offer additional discounts for certain policies like home insurance, auto insurance for having life insurance or personal accident plans.

Getting Better Rates

According to experts, regular checkups of your insurance can help you get better rates and quotes. The premiums of insurance policies tend to change regularly, and comparing the quotes of different policies can help you get better rates. The premiums of home insurance may increase or decrease, depending upon the crime rate of the state. So, reviewing the home insurance annually can help the homeowners to get better rates. So, next time you will give your insurance policies a checkup, don’t forget to compare the different insurers’ quotes.

These were some of the reasons why policyholders must give their insurance a regular checkup. There are also other valid reasons to give your insurance a checkup annually.

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  1. Great post! Now I understand why reviewing my insurance policy is so important. This will definitely help me out in the future. Thanks!

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